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2013/05/27 | all news, photogalleries,
Building a house requires careful planning, adequate funding and a trained building team. Even though efforts at the construction site have had enough physical training, we can observe a trend to various sporting activities in recent weeks. People are running and biking – quite often the entire distance from our accommodation to the construction site […]
2013/05/21 | all news, photogalleries,
Good tools are half the job. Thanks to the TTS Tooltechnic Systems, our LISI workshop is properly equipped. In order to use each device’s full potential and be informed about its maintenance and proper handling, Decathletes were taught in a separate training course about all the ins and outs of the tools. Now, there stands […]
2013/05/18 | all news, photogalleries,
Part of the Solar Decathlon Competition is a dinner hosted by the individual teams showing the true livability of each house. After all, even though LISI might be a prototype in many aspects, one has to be able to live in it. A couple of days ago, a group of decathletes met up to sample […]
2013/05/13 | all news, photogalleries,
No matter storm, rain or snow – LISI now handles all weather situations. Last week, the roof was finally sealed. With the support of two Wolfin employees, we only took one day. Equipped with 450° hot air guns from Haberkorn, gluing was a piece of cake. The bright, reflective roofing membrane is specifically designed for […]
2013/05/12 | photogalleries, press,
Click here to download our press release pdf (DE), press release pdf (EN). All pictures (44MB) are available as download. (c) Photos by Solar Decathlon Team Austria, (c) All renderings by Bokeh Design for Solar Decathlon Team Austria.There is also a video of the press conference. The text is also available as plain text link. […]
2013/05/01 | all news, photogalleries,
A couple of days ago, we received our sliding doors from JOSKO. Once the windows were placed inside the construction hall, we had to be careful as not to walk into them. The size is overwhelming and gives a good idea of the generosity the indoor space will receive with these sliding windows. Three straight […]
2013/04/27 | newsletter, photogalleries,
Last week, we officially reached the highest point of LISI. Well, that’s if you do not consider the photovoltaic elements. In other words, we placed the roof modules on the cores. For the first time, we were able to walk ‘inside’ LISI and get a real feel for the dimensions and proportions. Topping out, or […]
2013/04/20 | newsletter, photogalleries,
Many of our followers have probably asked themselves: What are our decathletes doing when they are not at the construction site? To answer this question, we will be posting a couple of stories in the coming weeks on everything but the house. To start off, let’s take a closer look at the current LISI cuisine […]
2013/04/06 | all news, photogalleries,
After the second week in Weissensee, LISI is slowly taking shape. Ground elements and the cores are already visible. Next week, we plan on having the entire rough construction ready. We look forward to another week of drilling, hammering and sawing. GO TEAM LISI! https://www.solardecathlon.at/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/01_Woche2-361×240.jpg 361w” sizes=”(max-width: 920px) 100vw, 920px” /> https://www.solardecathlon.at/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/02_Woche2-361×240.jpg 361w” sizes=”(max-width: 920px) […]
2013/04/02 | all news, photogalleries,
Let’s go! Since Monday the 25th of March, half of Team Austria currently resides in beautiful Carinthia. To be more exact, the hall for constructing LISI is located in Weissensee, a small alpine village and is sponsored by the company Weissenseer, our principal sponsor. Executing the original plan and building LISI in the “hall around […]
2013/03/28 | all news, photogalleries,
In the middle of a somewhat dreary march, Team Austria had a little time to spare and decided to do something that would strike a colorful impression. So we rented some shoes, grabbed some balls and met up for a night of bowling. After an initial warm-up phase which consisted mainly of making sure that […]
2013/03/21 | events, photogalleries,
The “Building & Energy Vienna” is Austria’s largest construction and energy saving fair. Around 600 top companies present their latest innovations as well as reliable products on nearly 45,000 square meters. The motto is “live better – healthy, safe and affordable living.” Team Austria was also able to introduce our LISI house on its own […]
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