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2013/02/19 | photogalleries,
The company Wolfin was kind enough to teach two LISI Decathletes the fine art of insulating a roof in one of their workshops. Whether we’ll be using a heat gun or solvent welding, LISI is sure to be protected from any kind of water now. However, we are not hoping for rain just to prove […]
2013/01/31 | events, photogalleries,
Founded in 2010 by Governor Schwarzenegger in cooperation with the United Nations, the R20 Regions of Climate Action is a non-profit organization focused on promoting economical and environmental benefits on a subnational level. On january 31st and february 1st the R20 Conference was held in Vienna and LISI was there! We were lucky to be […]
2013/01/14 | events, photogalleries,
During January’s workshop in Irvine, a couple of members of Team LISI took a closer look at the construction site on the air field. They also used their time to scout for various companies willing to support LISI on her way from Austria to California as well as during the competition. An important question on […]
2013/01/12 | events, photogalleries,
With a bit of jet lag and a lot of excitement, 7 students and faculty from the Vienna University of Technology in Austria arrived early January in sunny Orange County California to participate in the design workshop for the support decathlon 2013. Team Austria proudly presented LISI, our plus energy home with a configurable curtain […]
2012/12/06 | events, photogalleries,
With 2012 coming to an end, Team LISI met one last time to review this past year and set its short- and long-term goals for 2013. It has been an exciting and turbulent twelve months for the students so they decided to round the year off with a Christmas party, including mulled wine as well […]
2012/12/05 | photogalleries,
On December 5th, students from the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg met with students from Vienna University of Technology to discuss the interior concepts for the LISI home. Using crepe tape, a 1:1 floor plan was constructed to get a sense of interior dimensions and allow students to walk through the LISI house. We […]
2012/09/16 | events, photogalleries,
In early september LISI | Solar Decathlon Team Austria headed to Madrid to watch the competitors of the European Solar Decathlon 2012. We got a lot of interesting insight into this years house projects and are happy to share some photo impressions with you. We benefit largely from the experience of some of our students […]
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