LISI | In the mountains
2013/04/02 | all news, photogalleries,

Let’s go! Since Monday the 25th of March, half of Team Austria currently resides in beautiful Carinthia. To be more exact, the hall for constructing LISI is located in Weissensee, a small alpine village and is sponsored by the company Weissenseer, our principal sponsor. Executing the original plan and building LISI in the “hall around the corner” in Vienna was, even with a strong mobilization and flow of information at all levels and instances not possible.
What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. With that in mind, we constructed our branch office in Carinthia and considered the geographic change in our schedule. Twice a week, students commute between Vienna and Weissensee, in order to bring LISI to life with our participating firms. Until July 22nd every day is planned; nothing should be left to chance, for on that day, LISI should already be disassembled and loaded onto the shipping container.
Until that day comes however, our decathletes will spend some lush spring nights in a lovely mountain house including a fireplace. Fortunately, this house is available for that period of time. The only remaining question mark is the transport of team members to and from Weissensee offices. Here too, we are currently in talks with car retailers for sponsorship, yet we also welcome anyone who will rent a car to LISI.

Adrian drilling while looking in the camera

Four decathletes posing outside the hall in the snow. It's cold.

Three decathletes reading up on measurements

In the Mountains 05

In the Mountains 06

In the Mountains 07

In the Mountains 08

In the Mountains 09

In the Mountains 10

In the Mountains 11

In the Mountains 12