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2014/09/29 | all news, newsletter14, photogalleries,
The construction at LISI’s new home in the ‚Blaue Lagune‘ is entering the final week. In just a couple of days, the winner of the Solar Decathlon 2013 will be open to the public. While the days are getting shorter, working hours are increasing as former decathletes hustle to finish the house on time. The […]
2014/09/14 | all news, newsletter14, photogalleries,
Progress at the construction site is great and things are moving along quite well. Since this is not the first (nor second) time LISI has been constructed, many grips have been made before and were definitely not new to us. Having more time to build LISI this time, compared to nine dense days in California, […]
2014/08/25 | all news, newsletter14, photogalleries,
After a rather long hibernation period – in which we minimally adapted LISI’s plans to Austrian conditions and her future site – the day of rebuilding the winner of the Solar Decathlon 2013 drew nearer. We always knew, LISI had to be displayed in a place where she would have the most impact, raise awareness […]
2014/04/07 | all news, photogalleries,
In the early spring of 2014, Festool has invited Team Austria to join them in Salzburg for a presentation of their new products as well as their brand new Austrian headquarters. Also on-site were journalists from various Austrian timber construction magazines, eager to learn more about Festool, as well as LISI and Team Austria’s victory […]
2014/02/12 | Newsletter12, videos,
A small filmcrew has been trailing Team Austria for the past couple of years both in Vienna, Carinthia and Irvina,CA. They have put together a short film portraying LISI which aired on January 11th 2014 on Austrian national television. It gives a good insight of the project and all the people who have been working […]
2013/12/22 | all news, newsletter10, videos,
Captured here is a neat impression of the very moment the Department of Energy announced Team Austria had won the 2013 Solar Decathlon. Please enjoy this video as much as we do! Follow
2013/12/08 | all news, videos,
If you think of dinner preparation on an abandoned airbase field and only come up with fast food choices like chicken wings and hot (coyote) dogs, stop! The cooking preparations for our guests at the dinner event and movie night were as much fun as serving our guests. Also starting with day one Team Austria […]
2013/11/29 | all news, photogalleries,
After ranking fourth in architecture and first in the communications contests, LISI was catapulted onto the first place with just two more competition days to go. This of course, had a huge effect on the visitor numbers during public hours. All of a sudden, a long line started wrapping itself around LISI and people had […]
2013/11/29 | all news, photogalleries,
Here we are. On October 12th, the US Department of Energy announced that Team Austria has won the Solar Decathlon 2013. The extreme effort of more than two years of hard work has come down to this very moment. The team is incredibly grateful and truly humbled by this amazing award that has been awarded. […]
2013/10/25 | all news, newsletter11, photogalleries,
We were much honored to welcome several special guests in our house during the competition phase. The mayor of the city of Irvine, Steven Choi, not only signed the inside of the laundry cabinet door but was also invited to the hosted dinner party where we served pumpkin soup and chicken. Former finance minister of […]
2013/10/11 | all news,
The technology that makes LISI an eco-friendly model-building is almost invisible. Many visitors do not even notice the tiny engineering room, all the photovoltaics is hidden on the roof, and only a few slits in the floor show that there is a ventilation system. Nevertheless, the technological aspect of the project plays a crucial role. […]
2013/10/10 | all news,
We know from the public tours at the Solar Decathlon that quite different people from various age groups are equally enthusiastic about LISI. But of course there is a specific audience which is targeted by this building concept. After all, marketability is one of the ten criteria of the competition. LISI is not a large […]
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