STUDENTS – from Vienna UT develop the idea and concept that is LISI. 21 young adults from the field of architecture put their heads down and spent time planning the building, coordinating the construction and deadlines and are the conjunction to any further subject areas. Fire protection, safety, simulation and automation are also being handled by students from Vienna UT.
VIENNA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY – is a culturally diverse and genuinely international institution. Founded in 1815, it employs more than 3100 scientists and enrolls more than 26000 students, making it the largest engineering science and research institution in Austria.

ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT RESEARCH CENTRE – serves to coordinate university activities across faculty disciplines; Energy active settlements and spatial infrastructures, Sustainable and low emission mobility, Environmental monitoring and climate adaptation, Efficient utilization of natural resources and Sustainable technologies, products, and production.
Vienna University of Technology

SUSTAINABLE BUILDING AND DESIGN GROUP – was founded in this context by Klaus Krec and Karin Stieldorf in 2002 for the purpose of research and development at the interface between building physics and architectural design. The activities of this work group focus on systematically applying advanced building simulation methods to inform the technical design process.

INSO – The research group for Industrial Software deals with the study of development and maintenance of software systems in practice. Special focus goes to the issues project, process, product and people in software engineering.