The Austrian Insitute of Technology – takes a leading position in the Austrian innovation system and a key role in Europe as the RTO focusing on the key infrastructure topics of the future. AIT provides research and technological development to realize innovations for infrastructure related technologies in the fields of health & environment, energy, mobility and safety & security.

These technological research areas are supplemented by the competence in foresight & policy development. As an (inter)national network node at the interface of science and industry AIT enables innovation through its scientific-technological expertise, market experience, tight customer relationships and high quality research infrastructure.
THE ENERGY DEPARTMENT – supports Solar Decathlon Team Austria: Growing energy consumption, the depletion of fossil fuels and climate change are the major challenges we face this century.The only way we will be able to rise to these challenges will be through the increased use of renewable energy sources, higher energy efficiency and smart energy management.
AIT favors a holistic approach to the environmentally friendly electricity supply, heating and climate control of the buildings and cities of tomorrow.
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SERVICES – The technical building equipment is developed in collaboration with the AIT. In their climate chamber, LISI’s services room is replicated 1:1 and tested with all major components fully functional. Four team members are working on a sophisticated system to meet the competitive requirements in the technical disciplines.