VIENNA – is situated in the northeast of Austria along the banks of the majestic Danube River near the natural beauty of the Wachau region. The green expanses of the surrounding Vienna Woods and ample metropolitan parks make Vienna an exceptionally livable city.
Vienna’s highly diverse population and rich cultural heritage are the result of not only its modern-day role as a European capital, but also its long history as the capital of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Currently, approximately 20% of Austria’s population lives in Vienna, which is continually growing due to an influx from both inside and outside of Austria.

The Viennese “gift of the gab” is also proverbial, consisting of a refreshingly odd mixture of dialectical charm, flattery, puns, and even sly rudeness. The diversity of Austrian dialects in general may make it difficult for German-speaking visitors to recognize that the official language being spoken in this country is actually German.