Logo Bundesministerium für Verkehr Innovation und Technologie

Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology – The concern of the BMVIT is with the wellbeing of our citizens nationwide and with making an active contribution to European integration. Our work is geared to developing Austria in a sustainable manner, making the country a desirable location and improving the quality of life of its citizens. To that end we work to secure conditions in which a fair balance of interests in society can be achieved in the areas of communications and mobility and we promote innovation and technology.
Logo Haus der Zukunft

Building of Tomorrow – is one of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology’s research and technology programs. Starting from the low-energy solar building approach and the concept of the passive building, and incorporating ways of using environmentally friendly and renewable materials in construction, new designs with great promise for the future have been developed and implemented.
Logo Oesterreichische Forschungsfoerderungsgesellschaft

Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) – is the national funding agency for industrial research and development in Austria. As a “one-stop shop” offering a diversified and targeted programme portfolio, the FFG gives Austrian businesses and research facilities quick and uncomplicated access to research funding.