LISI | Docked
2014/09/29 | all news, newsletter14, photogalleries,

The construction at LISI’s new home in the ‚Blaue Lagune‘ is entering the final week. In just a couple of days, the winner of the Solar Decathlon 2013 will be open to the public. While the days are getting shorter, working hours are increasing as former decathletes hustle to finish the house on time. The ramp has been replaced by a landing stage which connects LISI safely to the shore and lets visitors easily enter the building. The terrace is also being adjusted to the new underconstruction; a final cut is being made. We can’t wait to show LISI to our friends and family next week.

Adrian is eating a sandwich on site.

The underconstruction of LISI's terrace is being displayed.

Decathlete Wolfgang is inspecting the construction. He seems calm.

Decathlete Adrian is cutting a piece of construction wood. There's saw dust in the air.

LISI's side is starting to take form.

The new landing stage is being installed using a crane. It connects LISI with the shore.

Decathlete Claus is having a laugh as he connects the landing stage.

Decathlete Philipp disconnects the cranes chains from the wood.

All of the plumbing and electrical wiring is hidden in the ramp connected to the house.